Midsouth Makers

What is a Hackerspace / Makerspace?

A Hackerspace is defined as a location where hacker minded individuals can gather to share interests, typically in science, mathematics, electronics, art, and/or crafting. Hackerspaces are as unique as the cities they are located in. No two spaces are alike. Often referred to as a makerspace, hackerspaces are often hard to describe. Our vision for what we want our Hackerspace to be is a community operated hackerspace to support member projects, and to provide a member accessible workshop.

Midsouth Makers’ Mission

Midsouth Makers sustains the first-ever and oldest hackerspace within the greater Memphis area.  The goal of this mackerspace is bring in builders, tinkers, artists, makers, and doers together under one roof to form a makerspace.  By bringing together these people a common place can be established to meet and discuss ideas, explore various technical endeavors, and communicate these thoughts with individuals from various backgrounds.  Ultimately we seek to further our knowledge as individuals and as a group by learning what we can from each other.

Our Goals

Everyone has their own reasons for joining the group but these seem to be the recurring ones.

  • Find people who like to create things, share ideas, and collaborate with.
  • Work on individual and group projects.
  • Educate and inform others who would like to know how to do some of these kinds of projects.